Vintory's Top 10 Vacation Rental Mistakes. Episode 1, CJ Stam Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals

Episode Overview

Episode 01: CJ Stam, Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals

Join hosts Brooke Pfautz and Conrad O'Connell as they unpack a wealth of insights with CJ Stam, the man behind Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals - a regional leader in vacation cabin rentals and property care management, offering a variety of property styles and locations near desirable attractions. In this tell-all episode, CJ will explain learnings from his top 10 mistakes that marked his journey and the priceless lessons each misstep unveiled. From holding onto toxic employees, to neglecting to enforce best practices this episode is a treasure trove of candid confessions and enlightened reflections designed for vacation rental managers, owners and aspiring investors.

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