Surround homeowners with your marketing across multiple channels

Vintory allows you to market to homeowners across every possible channel. Thanks to our property intelligence data, we unlock multiple new channels that allow you to amplify your reach in ways other VRMs cannot.

Unlock New Channels. Advertise Everywhere.

The goal of omni-channel marketing is to advertise to homeowners wherever they are. With Vintory’s property intelligence data, you’ll unlock multiple new channels and be able to target your ideal homeowners in ways most VRMs can only dream of.   


Cold Email

Our property data can unlock homeowners' email addresses, so you can build cold email outreach campaigns and automations.

Paid Search (PPC)

Target homeowners in Google search results by bidding on keywords related to your business and your market(s).

Display Ads

Target homeowners across the web, virtually anywhere they go with display ads that are driven from retargeting, physical addresses and more.

Custom Audience Social

Use our property data to upload lists to social media platforms to directly target homeowners with social media ads.


Deploy tracking pixels on your website and use cookie-based ads to target homeowners across the Google display networks, social networks and more.

IP Targeting

Leverage the home addresses of homeowners to find their home IP address, and deploy ads to them across multiple networks based on their IP.



Handwritten letters add a special touch to advertising. But, who has the time to handwrite hundreds of letters? At Vintory, we automate this for you.


Postcards have been a staple of homeowner recruitment for ages, but we take postcards to new levels with advance tracking and conversion tactics.

Realtor Referrals

We can help you take your realtor referral campaigns to new levels, and our MLS outreach system (in beta) can help you completely automate realtor outreach.