Power your inventory growth efforts with data

Vintory's property intelligence platform allows you to search for proerties in your market, download property and homeowner data, and use it to supercharge your homeowner marketing efforts.

Find and Target the Exact Homes You Want

You want to grow your inventory, but you don’t want just any properties. With Vintory, we allow you to find and target just the homes you want. And, because we can get homeowner contact information — everything from home address to phone numbers to emails addresses — we unlock multiple new advertising channels for you. 


Location. Location. Location.

Go beyond searching for properties by region, city or state. With Vintory, you can target homes on a micro scale. 


Find just the right homes

In addition to searching by location, you can filter by a wide array of property characteristics.


Unlock new marketing channels

With Vintory, once you’ve narrowed in on the properties you want to target, our platform will pull the homeowners’ information, including their primary address, phone number and even email address, in many cases. 

This unlocks new marketing channels like list-based social media advertising, IP targeting, cold email outreach, DirectMail and more. 

*Email addresses and phone numbers are not guaranteed for all targeted homeowners; they depend on the match rates from our data sources. 

*Property data is full available in the United States. Check with us for availability and pricing for property and home owner information outside the United States.