Unlock Growth for Your Vacation Rental Business

An All Star Panel Reveals their Inventory Growth Secrets

Unlock Inventory Growth for Your Short-Term Rental Business!

Join an expert panel of the nation’s fastest-growing vacation rental managers and owners as they delve into the strategies they’ve employed to successfully expand their portfolios.

In this insightful discussion, you’ll gain firsthand insights into the techniques that have propelled these industry leaders to the forefront of the short-term vacation rental market.

Discover how they’ve identified untapped opportunities, cultivated relationships with property owners, and implemented effective marketing campaigns to consistently add high-quality properties to their rental portfolios.

Whether you’re a seasoned VRM or just starting out, this panel will provide you with actionable strategies and proven tactics to drive inventory growth and achieve sustainable success in the dynamic world of vacation rentals

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meet our expert pANELISTS

Brooke Pfautz


Steve Chrobak

Myrtle Beach Destinations
Expert Panelist

Lance Stitcher

Seaside Vacation Rentals
Expert Panelist

Riley Goldman

Beachside VR
Expert Panelist

Ken Furlong

Beach Getaways
Expert Panelist

Chris Torsleff

Stay Montana
Expert Panelist

Randy Hall

Liquid Life
Expert Panelist

Nir Maimon

The Maimon Group
Expert Panelist

Why Attend?

Direct Access to Industry experts

Get real-time answers to your burning questions from top vacation rental management professionals.

Interactive Q&A Session

This is not just another webinar. It's a live, interactive experience designed for you to engage directly with our panelists.

Practical Strategies and Insights

Leave with actionable advice and strategies that you can immediately implement to optimize your VRM business.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow industry professionals and build relationships that could lead to future collaborations.

What We'll Cover

Optimizing Property Selection

Learn how to choose the right properties and avoid costly mismatches.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Discover strategies for streamlining your operations to maximize profitability.

Navigating Market Trends

Stay ahead of market trends and learn how to adapt your business strategy for sustained growth.

Leveraging Technology

Uncover the latest technological advancements that can simplify your workflows and enhance guest satisfaction.

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