What success looks like at Vintory

  • Annual Contract for the first year, then month-to-month after.
  • Additional markets that require individualized messaging and set up may require an additional fee. 
    • Market Definition – Each market is defined as a single geographic area, or a vacation rental destination, that can be referred to with one single phrase (i.e., Panama City Beach, Outer Banks, Scottsdale). 

Consistency is KEY!

Marketing and advertising take consistency and time to be successful. Vintory has the responsibility to deliver marketing assets and execute on the strategy. There are many factors that need to be considered for a successful partnership including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Total available market (TAM)
  • Competition
  • Comparable commission/service rates
  • Compelling offers
  • Marketing materials
  • Frequency of advertising
  • Lead follow up time

Gap of Dissapointment

Onboarding Process

Modularized Postcard Design

Additional Costs


  • Direct Mail – $1/postcard credit. 1 credit = 1 6×9 postcard printed and mailed
  • Digital Marketing – there are additional costs that you pay directly to Google/Facebook for funding your digital ad accounts.
  • Trackable phone numbers, there are small costs around purchasing trackable phone numbers and minutes/text usage – our average partner spends less than $10/month

This is a Partnership:

What you expect from us, and what we expect from you

Partner vs Vintory Expectations
Item Partner’s Role Vintory’s Role
Data 1. Submit Data Order Form
5. Segment Data into Lists or Targets
2. Pull Data
3. Append Data
4. Load into CRM
Landing Page 1. Input LogoFavicon Font Colors Photographs into our easy landing page too
2. Partner Fills out the Key Messaging Worksheet and uploads into Media Center.
3. Partner Completes the Pre-Strategy Meeting Form
4. Partner puts in the copy and personalizes the landing page as preferred using our landing page building tool.
5. Partner to create subdomain of their main website (join.website.com).
4. Landing Page Builder automagically builds the foundation of the landing page.
5. Marketing Strategy call with partner to advise on messaging to input into landing page
4a. Vintory offers tutorial in Vintory University and Live Webinars
6. Vintory to push landing page to subdomain
Postcards 1. Partner offers design assets to Vintory
3. Partner identifies which list they want to send postcard.
4. Partner proofs postcard.
5. Partner updates profile in Design Studio and inputs credit card information into system for postcard costs.
7. Partner sends postcards in Design Studio.
8. For future postcards this can vary depending on if managed services have been added. In the basic Essentials plan the partner will then duplicate the postcard make adjustments and send future postcards at their own pacing. Partner submits a send request to their account management team.
2. Vintory builds 1st postcard for the partner.
6. Vintory connects Design Studio tracking to Landing Page. And notifies when the postcard is ready to send.
*Add on managed services can include a campaign manager to project manage the sending of your postcards and/or customized copy and design.
Cold Email Campaigns 1. Partner to identify which targets to whom they want to send cold emails. 2. Vintory will send out cold email campaigns ongoing.
ROI Calculator 1. Partner inputs their average rental revenue data into the calculator and adjusts tool for market specific details. Partner also adds their company hex colors. 2. Vintory’s design team builds the landing page facing part of the calculator
CRM 1. Partner to watch Vintory University training videos training webinar and 1-on-1 training session with onboarding.
4. Partner to adjust automations and publish workflows after reviewing and adjusting
2. Vintory to offer training through webinar and 1-on-1 sessions.
3. Vintory provides workflows and automations already pre-built.
Ongoing support Connect with Vintory by contacting support and/or your account management team.