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About Vintory

Quick Facts

Founded: March 2019

Founder and CEO: Brooke Pfautz

Headquarters: All Remote Staff (but based in Baltimore, MD) 

Company Type: Private

Industry: Vacation Rentals

Business Model: SaaS, Marketing Agency

Employees: 50+

What We Do

Vintory helps professional vacation rental managers (VRMs) identify, market to and ultimately work with owners of second homes. We strongly believe that the fastest way for VRMs to grow their businesses is to add new rentals homes to their inventory. 

Vintory offers VRMs an online marketing automation platform, paired with data and marketing services. Our platform helps VRMs discover and target new homes in their market(s), execute omni-channel marketing campaigns to the owners of these homes, and finally uses intelligent automation to get interested homeowners to join their property management program.  


Vintory Top 10 Mistakes Vacation Rental Podcast. Episode 10, Jodi Refosco, Timber Rock Village

Episode 10: Jodi Refosco, Timber Rock Village

Welcome to The Vintory Podcast: Top 10 Mistakes. Based on the Amazon best-selling book, Vacation Rental Secrets. Explore the transformative mistakes Jodi Refosco encountered while building Timber Rock Village into a vacation rental powerhouse in our latest podcast episode. Enjoy!

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Episode 09: Dustin Abney, Portoro

Welcome to The Vintory Podcast: Top 10 Mistakes. Based on the Amazon best-selling book, Vacation Rental Secrets. Join us as Dustin Abney of Portoro reveals the pivotal mistakes that shaped his vacation rental business and how he turned them into lessons for success. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Mistakes - Navigating Vacation Rental Mistakes With Tony Cappaert

Episode 08: Tony Cappaert, Blue Maple

Welcome to The Vintory Podcast: Top 10 Mistakes. Based on the Amazon best-selling book, Vacation Rental Secrets. In this episode, discover the bumps along the road with Tony Cappaert of Blue Maple as he shares his journey of growth and the missteps he encountered in the vacation rental industry.

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Episode 07: Steve Trover, Better Talent

Welcome to The Vintory Podcast: Top 10 Mistakes. Based on the Amazon best-selling book, Vacation Rental Secrets. Tune in to hear Steve Trover of Better Talent share his journey from youthful beginnings to industry success, navigating missteps and leveraging his wealth of experience across various businesses.

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Episode 06: Jason Sprenkle, Key Data Dashboard

Join hosts Brooke Pfautz and Conrad O’Connell as they host an exciting conversation with Jason Sprenkle, CEO at Key Data Dashboard – the leading provider of real-time vacation rental market data for the short term rental industry. During this podcast Jason will share his top 10 mistakes that marked his journey and the priceless lessons each misstep unveiled. Grab a coffee and notebook, this session is filled with exciting takeaways from accounting to branding, and obviously data!

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Brand Assets


Vintory is the first and only platform exclusively focused on helping professional vacation rental managers grow their inventory.

The company's software and services platform helps VRMs:

-Use a variety of data services to locate homeowners in their market
-Enroll these owners in omni-channel marketing campaigns
-Build high-conversion funnels (landing pages, chatbots, meeting booking tools) to capture leads
-Leverage a cutting edge CRM to track, manage and communicate with homeowner leads
-Save time and increase performance through a variety of marketing automations
-And track performance through a number of reports and dashboard


Brand colors

Dark Blue:

Light Blue:



A great source for your next story

Brooke is a big believer that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. He is a big proponent of the Kaizen philosophy, which focuses on continuous improvement. He’s put that strategy to work in everything from building companies to competing in Iron Man competitions. 

Brooke Pfautz, Founder and CEO


Brooke Pfautz is the world’s foremost expert on helping vacation rental managers grow their inventory. As a VRM, Brooke famously grow Vantage Resort Realty’s inventory from zero to more than 500 properties under management in less than five years. 

A serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the vacation rental industry, Pfautz has experience running companies as both an owner and top executive. His background spans vacation rental management, software, finance and more. 

Pfautz graduated from Eastern Carolina University with a degree in Corporate Finance in 1997. He currently lives outside Baltimore, MD with his wife and two daughters.  


Brooke is an excellent interview if you’re looking for a source on any of the following topics:

  • Vacation Rental Industry Trends
  • Vacation Rental Technology
  • Vacation Rental Marketing
  • Building Positive Company Culture
  • Growing a SaaS Company

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