Featuring Contributions from the Dream Team of Vacation Rental Managers on August 29th @ 1:00 PM ET

Ryan Dame with Casago ⭐ Robin Craigan with Moving Mountains ⭐ Ginger Harrelson with Beachball Properties ⭐ Aaron Linfoot with Meredith Lodging ⭐ Danna Kittell, formerly with Starfish ⭐ Travis Wilburn with Stay Charlottesville ⭐ Fred Cercena with Getaway Vacations ⭐ Simon Lehmann with AJL Atelier ⭐ Tom Goodwin with Mountain Laurel Chalets ⭐ Steve Trover, formerly with All Star Vacation Homes ⭐ Jennifer Mucha with Arrived ⭐ Sarah Bradford, formerly with Winter Park Lodging Company and Steamboat Lodging Company ⭐ Brian Olson with Beachcomber Vacation Homes ⭐ Alex Husner with Casago ⭐ Justin Ford, formerly with On the Water in Maine ⭐ Jed Stevens with Koloa Kai Vacation Rentals ⭐ Tony Cappaert with Blue Maple ⭐ Paul Becker with Bluewater Vacation Homes ⭐ Mike Harrington formerly with Carolina Retreats ⭐ Thor & Christina Thoreson, formerly with Chattanooga Vacation Rentals ⭐ Terry Whyte with Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals ⭐ Lauren Madewell with Autine Belham’s Cabin Rentals ⭐ Michael Pedenko with Stay Porter ⭐ James Mannings with Top Villas ⭐ Eric Thibodeaux with Current Tides Vacation Rentals ⭐ Dennis Goedheid with Casiola Vacation Homes ⭐ Valerie Hawkins with Perdido Realty Vacations ⭐ Adam Norris with Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals ⭐ Clark Twiddy with Twiddy Vacation Rentals ⭐ Andrew Pokrzywinski with Joseph Ellen Properties ⭐ Koen Roelens with Roelens Vacations ⭐ CJ Stam III with Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals ⭐ Steve Taggert with My Getaways ⭐ Valerie Gangas with Juniper Holiday + Home ⭐ Erin Lenhardt with The Brighthouse ⭐ Andy Meddick, formerly with Seachange Vacation Rentals ⭐ Dustin Abney with Portoro ⭐ Maureen Regan, formerly with Seaside Vacation Rentals (Maine) ⭐ Debbie Lipscomb, formerly with Eastern Shore Vacation Rentals ⭐ Kirsten King, formerly with Big Sky Vacation Rentals ⭐ Lino Maldonado with Scenic Stays ⭐ Matt Durrette with Cozi Vacation Rentals ⭐ Kevin Jones, formerly with Latitude 38 Vacation Rentals ⭐ Cheryl Lantz with Vacation Rental Authority ⭐ Leslie Anne Morris with Invest in the Smoky Mountains ⭐ Lance and Elaine Stitcher with Seaside Vacations and Sales ⭐ Jodi Taylor Refosco, formerly with Taylor Made ⭐ Heather Bayer, formerly with CottageLINK Rental Management ⭐ Jason Sprenkle formerly with 360 Blue ⭐ Steve Schwab with Casago.

Hey there!

Are you tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels with your vacation rental business? Frustrated with guest dissatisfaction, ineffective marketing strategies, and struggling to grow? We’ve got just the thing for you!

I’m having a little book launch party or as I like to call it Brooke’s Book Bash.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂 This is where I cover the ideas in my new book Vacation Rental Secrets. 

But it won’t just be me, it will be the Vacation Rental Super Stars that contributed to the book. Sharing the tips they provided for this publication.  These are some of the top vacation rental managers in the country. So you’ll get to hear it from them- straight from the horse’s mouth.

We’ll cover key secrets that no one else is talking about: 

  • Discover the secret reason why not investing a percentage of your income into constant owner acquisition can stunt your business growth.
  • Why not understanding pricing, yield, and rate on a unit level can be a fatal mistake for your vacation rental business?
  • The hidden cost of failing to properly maintain your properties and how it can lead to a downward spiral in your business.
  • Learn the secret to why not investing in top-notch photography and virtual tours can lead to a lack of interest from potential guests.
  •  Discover why underestimating the value of your team as you grow can lead to a lack of motivation and productivity.
  • Learn the secret reason why trying to solve a dispute by email can escalate the problem.
  • The shocking truth about ignoring guest feedback: it’s like turning a deaf ear to a goldmine of improvement opportunities.
  • The grim reality of not having a system for handling overbookings: it’s a one-way ticket to a PR nightmare.